AfterCare Machine Warranty Program 

Sodick Offers a Unique Opportunity to Warranty a Machine Until it is 10 Years Old


AfterCare is a machine warranty that can be purchased to warranty a machine until it is 10 years old.  AfterCare is available on Sodick Linear Motor Driven, Wire and Sinker EDMs and is subject to a machine inspection.

AfterCare is available as a 1 or 2 year warranty.

AfterCare 1 can be purchased when a machine is up to 9 years old to warranty it to 10 years, and AfterCare 2 can be purchased when a machine is up to 8 years old to warranty it up to 10 years.

AfterCare features many more benefits in addition to the standard warranty features, including a payment plan where you can divide the AfterCare fee over 3 equal monthly payments.  Including an additional year of post warranty benefits.

Contact Sodick today to learn about everything that AfterCare includes and to discuss your warranty needs, call 847-310-9000 or 888-639-2325 and ask for Technical Support.