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In today's competitive automotive market, shortening cycle times while cutting costs is obligatory. Sodick offers a solution to that problem, with a full range of Rigid Linear Motor driven machine tools. With superior cutting performance on in-demand materials such as aluminum, steel, and titanium, Sodick machine tools are the gold standard in speed and accuracy. Moreover, Sodick has recently expanded its line of extra-large EDM machines to ensure that even the largest applications can be accommodated. The gantry style AQ20L sinker EDM and the AQ1500L lead the competition in reliability among large-sized machines, and both come standard with Sodick's 10 Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee.

Below is a list of  preferred machines for Automotive applications:

Sinker EDM

AG60L | AG80L | AG100L | AQ15L | AQ20L

Wire EDM

AQ750L | AQ900L | AQ1200L | AQ1500L

Sodick's largest Sinker EDM, the AQ20L, is perfect for manufacturing large auto parts. Outfitted with dual rigid linear motor axis drives, Sodick's extra-large Sinker EDMs achieve a level of speed and accuracy unmatched by competitors. Even more impressive, despite their large size these machines still achieve flushing-free conditions, thanks to their magnetic direct-drive systems.



Material: NAK80
Depth: 85 mm (3.35")
Finish: 9.9 um Rz

Machining Time: 8h 30m
Electrode Material: Graphite
Number of Electrodes: 1