Die/Mold Industry Sodick

Sodick machines have been in the die/mold industry since the beginning. Each machine in the Sodick product range is ideal for the die/mold industry, depending on the application being used. Using a Sodick will help you to reduce cycle times, lower costs and ultimately achieve finer precision.

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Below is a list of Sodick's most popular machines in the Die & Mold Industry:

Sinker EDM

AD35L | AD55L | AG40L | AG60L

Wire EDM

VZ300L | VL600Q | SLN400G | SLN600G | SL600G

Small Hole

K3HN | K1C

High Speed Mills

HS650L | TT1-400A Electrode Center

Testimonial: X-Cell Tool & Mold

X-Cell Tool & Mold, Inc. is a precision engineering and manufacturing facility that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high precision, close-tolerance, multi-cavity plastic injection molds. These molds are mainly used by the medical, consumer goods and electronic industries. Over the past two years X-Cell has seen a major upswing in their business, and they needed to increase capacity, quickly. After all the research and test cuts were completed, the Sodick AG60L Sinker EDM was chosen. (Read More)