Medical devices require some of the most demanding machining applications available. Sodick machines achieve the highest accuracy and hold the highest tolerances, making Sodick machines perfect for this industry. More importantly, though, Sodick machines are substantially more reliable than the competition. Due to mechanical wear on traditional ballscrew machines, competitor drive systems gradually lose accuracy over time, meaning that a tight tolerance held when at the time of purchase is no guarantee of continued performance. Thanks to Sodick's zero-friction magnetic drives - rigid linear motor technology - Sodick machines won't lose accuracy with use. In fact, only Sodick offers a 10 Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee without usage limits, because only Sodick can. This reliability makes a big difference in the Medical industry, where high precision must be maintained at all times, not just within the first year of use.

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Below is a list of Sodick machines designed with Medical applications in mind:

Sinker EDM

AD35L | AD55L | AG40L | AG60L

Wire EDM

VZ300L | VL600Q | SLN400G | SL400G

Small Hole

K3HN | K1C

High Speed Mills

HS430L | HS650L

Sodick Medical Applications in the Press

Sodick has a long history working with Medical supply manufacturers, who have been among our most loyal customers. Their specific applications have ranged from surgical supplies, to prototyping, to medical scanner components. Find out what these medical manufacturers have to say about their use of Sodick machine tools.