Electron Beam PIKA Finish Machine

The EBMPF32A greatly improves the polishing process. Electron Beam Machining (EBMing) is a brand new polishing technology that melts the surface of machined metal to achieve extreme surface smoothness.


Work Table NC Controllable
External Dimensions 59.06” x 62.99” x 70.87” (1,500 x 1,600 x 1,800 mm)
Machine Weight 3,196 lbs (1,450 kg)
Workpiece Size 13.78” x 9.84” x 3.94” (350 x 250 x 100 mm)
Ambient Temperature 68 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit (20-30 degrees Celsius)
Operation Humidity 30 - 70%
Beam Diameter 2.36" (60mm)

Before and After Photos

Detailed Product Description

By controlling the energy of the electron beam to change the degree of melting the surface, surface roughness can be reduced to 1/3 while a sharp edge made in Wire Cut EDMing is preserved without deformation. EBMing extends the longevity of dies and molds. In the EBMing process, a workpiece surface is quickly heated and rapidly cooled to improve the surface structure and resistance to corrosion. For plastic molds, EBMing greatly improves mold release-ability, leading to reduction of molding cycle time. The EBM is user-friendly. The CNC has easy instructions and the operator can select EBMing conditions such as material, beaming condition and beam patters simply.