Sodick's range of Hole Poppers are easy to operate, feature the latest servo technologies and are capable of high speeds.

K Series

High Speed, High Precision Small Hole Driller

K1C Small Hole Popper

The K1C Small Hole Popper is ideal for machining difficult to cut carbide and heat treated workpieces.

X, Y, Z Travel: 7.87" x 11.81" x 11.81" (200 x 300 x 300 mm)

K1BL Hole Popper

K1BL Small Hole Popper

The K1BL is a linear motor driven small hole EDM that is ideal to use for boring high precision holes.

X, Y, Z Travel: 4.72" x 5.91" x 11.81" (120 x 150 x 300 mm)

K3HN Hole Popper

K3HN Small Hole Popper

The K3HN is a high speed small hole driller that is often used as a production machine to EDM start holes in die plates.

X, Y, Z Travel: 11.81" x 15.75" x 11.81" (300 x 400 x 300 mm)