The K1BL linear motor hole popper EDM is ideal to use for boring high precision holes into hard to machine materials.


  • 8-Axis Control
    18 Piece ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
    Electrode Holder Set
    LAN Connection Port
    Z-Axis – Linear Motor Driven
    Energy Saving Circuit


X - Axis Travel 4.72" (120 mm)
Y - Axis Travel 5.91” (150 mm)
Z - Axis Travel 11.81” (300 mm)
W - Axis Travel 9.06” (160 mm)
Electrode Diameter Φ.003” ~ .012” (Φ.08 ~ .25 mm)
Work Table Size 7.87” x 9.84” (200 x 250 mm)
Distance From Guide to Table 2.36” ~ 8.66” (60 ~ 220 mm)
Machine Dimensions 62.99” x 60.24” x 90.75” (1,600 x 1,530 x 2,305 mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight 110.2 lbs (50 kg)
Machine Weight 2,182.6 lbs (990 kg)
ATC Storage Capacity 18 electrodes


Electrode Pre-Setter
Electrode Stocker
Electrode Holder Set


Material: WC/G5
Thickness: .012” (.3 mm)
Electrode Material: Tungsten Rod
Electrode Diameter: Φ.0008” (Φ 20 μm)

Hole Diameter: In - .00145” ~ .00149” (37 ~ 38 μm)
Out - .00149” ~ .00157” (38 ~ 40 μm)

Detailed Product Description

Linear Motor Driven Z-Axis

Sodick’s Linear Motor Drive is on the Z-Axis of the K1BL Hole Popper.  It is ideal to make microscopic holes that have been impossible to make with conventional machines. In addition, the highly responsive servo system boosts machining speed and reduces electrode wear.

Highly Rigid – Gantry Style Structure

The K1BL achieves microscopic holes. The gantry style structure has a main column that is supported by two columns that feature high rigidity and stable machining at all times. In addition, constant accuracy is not affected by thermal distortion.


The K Series features energy-saving designs and technologies. Compared to conventional EDMs, the Sodick Small Hole EDM Range can reduce average energy consumption by up to 60%.

ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

The ATC automatically changes pipe electrodes to support continuous automatic operations and multi-hole machining.