Wire EDM

The AG600LH Wire EDM includes Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The AG Series is where speed meets accuracy. The AG600LH Wire EDM includes the same features and benefits as the AG600L, but with extra height making the AG600LH have a unique height for its size.


AG600LH Wire EDM



X - Axis Travel 23.62” (600 mm)
Y - Axis Travel 15.75” (400 mm)
Z - Axis Travel 19.69” (500 mm)
U, V Axis Travel 4.72” x 4.72” (120 x 120 mm)
Wire Diameter Range (min ~ max) 0.004” ~ 0.012” (0.10 ~ 0.30 mm)
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D)

39.37” x 31.10” (1,000 x 790 mm)

Maximum Workpiece Weight

2,204 lbs (1,000 kg)

Distance From Floor to Table Top 39.17” (995 mm)
Machine Tool Dimensions 109.65” x 106.69” 105.91” (2,785 x 2,710 x 2,690 mm)
Machine Weight 11,243 lbs (5,100 kg)


Sodick Rotary Table (WS4P or WS5P)
L-Cut Wire Chopper
50 lb. Wire Spool Feeder
SodickCare Premier 3 and 5 Year Extended Warranty


Sodick's Linear Motor Driven Wire EDMs have no backlash and are vibration-free, this results in machining accuracy combined with a fine surface finish.

Material: SKD11
Thickness: 3.94” (100 mm)
Surface Finish: 2.05 μm Rz
Wire: .008” (.20 mm)

Detailed Product Description

Linear Motor Drives with Absolute Glass Scale Feedback

Sodick’s AG600LH linear motor driven, high precision wire EDM features new user-friendly EDMing technology, this technology further enhances productivity and EDM precision. The machine’s linear motor axes drives are coupled with .4 millionths Heidenhain absolute glass scale feedback on the X, Y, U and V axes which ensures precision cutting and positioning accuracy. Sodick’s X, Y, U and V linear motor drives have no backlash and are backed by Sodick’s 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee. With the Heidenhain ultra-precision absolute linear glass scales, the true machine position is always known. This reduces set-up time since the operator no longer has to home the machine after is has been powered down.

SMART Control Technology – LN Series

The AG600LH Windows XP based, high speed control comes standard with a large 15.1” LCD touch screen which is easy to view and eliminates glare. Standard items; such as, the LAN network connection and a 1GB USB memory stick make it easy to transfer programming files. The 4 GB compact flash card memory eliminates hard drives which can crash resulting in lost data, the UPS system will automatically lock the axes drives. Once power is restored, the machine will automatically power itself up and resume cutting.

The Heart NC on-board, user-friendly programming software is beneficial for shops that are on a tight budget. Heart NC can program both 2 and 4 axes shapes and import CAD files. After programming, the user-friendly Condition Set Screen will automatically select the optimum cutting conditions and offsets from its internal database and add them to the NC program.


The AG Series features energy-saving designs and technologies. Compared to conventional Wire EDMs, the Sodick Wire Electrical Discharge Machine Range can reduce average energy consumption by up to 60%.

High Speed Automatic Wire Threader

The new high speed, automatic, annealing wire threader improves wire straightness which increases the AWT repeatability especially at larger Z heights, especially heights such as on the AG600LH Wire EDM. During the annealing process, the wire is heated, stretched and cut to a sharp point resulting in a smaller required wire guide clearance improving part accuracy. Since the annealing AWT can thread in the submerged mode, the worktank does not have to be drained when wire threading. The Z axis position will automatically set the dielectric fluid for the operator.